Our culture. Our Values

It’s the people that make any company great, and we’re looking for creative, ethical, and reliable individuals to come work with us to create & expand the metaverse.
People First
People are the core of this company and we are constantly connecting with each other to build & grow the VR economy for creators and followers. The company environment is set for you to succeed both personally and professionally, allowing you to focus on the things you enjoy most and giving you the freedom to do what you think is right. As new team members come in, they’re able to do things they enjoy most and bring cool stuff to life. Staying connected with people and the things you enjoy is the key!
We believe in having a strong sense of integrity and reliability. Just as you can rely on people around you inside the company, you are likewise expected to be reliable for others. If there is ever an issue, just communicate that issue transparently and tell us exactly what it is. You don’t need to worry about being “nice” - we would rather it be the truth so we can start from there.
Self-management & Autonomy
We don’t pay people to do what we tell them to do, but rather we expect you to tell us what has to be done and actually lead it. We have a good culture to enable people to focus on what they are the most excited about. You are the one overseeing yourself.
Enabling Personal & Professional Growth
Our company environment enables you to grow personally and professionally by working with great people within the company and community. Try new things out, meet new people, and consider new ideas.
Learning by doing
It’s okay if things don’t work as expected at times - if you don’t fail every once in a while, maybe you aren’t trying hard enough! There’s no better way to know things than to learn for yourself by trying it out to see if it works. And if it works it might be the best thing out there!

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